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Better portfolio data means better results – How accurate is your lease data?

​Jones Lang LaSalle is a global Lease Administration platform with a SOC1 audit program

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To proactively manage your real estate portfolio, you need comprehensive and accurate lease data. That is why an effective, proven Lease Administration program is imperative. Without an easy way to track critical dates, surface unnecessary costs and have a holistic, and accurate, view of your entire portfolio, you are missing opportunities to optimize real estate investments and performance and increasing your exposure to risk. If you are a global company, standard processes and controls are even more important for consistent portfolio reporting and management across regions.

How do you know that your data is complete and accurate? Jones Lang LaSalle is a Lease Administration provider with a Global SOC1 audit program. This third party acknowledgement not only verifies that the processes we have in place will ensure the accuracy of financial data, but that we are adhering to this process—day in, day out.

Regardless of their location, clients can trust that our lease administration process is consistent and the data is accurate.

For more information, please contact: David Brown

What is a global SOC1 audit program?

The IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) along with the US Financial Standards Board has collectively accepted an audit standard that the Public Accounting firms use as universal evidence that a service provider’s controls are

  1. adequately designed to ensure the accuracy of financial data and
  2. operating effectively and as designed.

This audit standard specifically addresses the controls over financial reporting at a service organization.

How does SOC1 benefit our clients?

Having such an audit program in place allows our clients and their auditors to feel confident in relying on our controls over delivering our services. The public accounting firms have agreed to rely on the work of other public accounting firms when completing their own audits over a client’s financial statements.

Additionally, having the global SOC1 audit program provides clients with reassurance that no matter where in the world we are working with them; our processes and controls are the same. ​