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Retail Trend Talk


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Will Omni channel retailing aid footfalls
and stimulate sales in the future?

Has retail space uptake reduced because of
the growth of e-commerce?

Will tier 2 and 3 cities fuel growth of
retail in the next 5 years?

What are the top 3 trends the retail industry
should watch out for?

Three aspects to consider while deciding
on Retail footprint expansion

Growth propellers of Retail for the next
five years

Role of digital technology in the size,
locationand design of malls in future

How is it being a Retail developer in India

Role of physical stores in future

Tier 2 and 3 cities to fuel the
growth of Retail in 5 years

Indian brands matching the
power of international brands

Online retailers opening stores to
aid the next round of growth

How is it being a retailer in

Ever-connected customer changing
the retail business in India

Anuj Puri


Bijou Kurien

C. K Venkataraman

Dev Amritesh

Krish Iyer

Maheshwaran Calavai

Nadeesh Ramachandran

Pushpa Bector

Rahul Singh

Rajneesh Mahajan

Shankar Balan