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Land & Development Services


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transactions related to land, being the pre-requisite for any real estate development, require specialist advisory services that stem from a background of knowledge that provides critical insights into the potential of projects that may be positioned on land at various locations and the in-depth knowledge of local planning norms. Our land agency division leverages on the knowledge gained from our internal consulting services, wherein there is a high degree of exposure to various types of real estate markets in various locations across India, along with identification of development opportunities right from their concept stage all across India. This synergistic approach has benefited our clients, who range from land owners, developers, corporates, and various funds seeking to invest in projects, including FII.

This group seeks to align expectations of various potential partners in the development of projects with the objective of enabling high level of returns on investments for all partners along with an equitable distribution of risks and project costs. Typically, our range of services include assisting prospective purchasers in identification, evaluation, and purchase of land; assisting land owners in disposal of their land holdings; facilitating investments for developers in various projects; organizing opportunities for various investors seeking to invest in remunerative projects; structuring joint ventures between landowners and developers/investors/end users; assisting developers/corporates in divesting or investing in land portfolios; and assisting clients in sourcing/disposal of ‘Transferable Development Rights’, among others.