Director - Markets, Pune

This International Women’s Day and every day, we are proud to recognize our inspiring women leaders and allies at JLL.
Who is a female inspiration/role model to you and why?

My mother is my biggest inspiration and role model. She worked as a schoolteacher for over 30 years and has always been an embodiment of strength, intellect and grace. She always encouraged me to be fiercely independent at all crossroads in my life. What I really admire is her enthusiasm for life and an ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions.

More recently, Kamala Harris has also been an inspirational figure for me. She sits on the cusp of breaking one of the highest glass ceilings in present times by becoming the first woman of colour to hold the post of the Vice President of the United States.

Why does inclusion matter to you?

An open work culture that welcomes diverse thoughts and perspectives can foster innovation and challenge business norms. Creating a culture where everyone feels valued for their contribution is vital in these times. When employees feel included, they get a sense of belonging that drives positive performance and creates collaborative teams who are innovative and engaging. This is why inclusion becomes the soul of any organisation, influencing and driving its growth.

How are you inspiring women to achieve their ambitions at JLL?

I truly believe that women have a positive impact on other women as a driving force. Women can encourage each other to aim higher for where and when it matters most. And they have a truly unique way of inspiring each other to reach their own greatest potential.

I am open and approachable to women colleagues to lend support at any time and encourage them not to give up on their dreams. Interacting with women colleagues at work, I keenly share my insight and experiences and motivate them to move towards their goals.

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