Prafulla Agarwal

Regional Director, Corporate Solutions

Twelve years and a million memories. A hotelier today is a hotelier for life. Heard that before, haven’t we? That’s what Prafulla began to firmly believe when she decided to go back to Hospitality after a brief trial of an industry shift. One phone call from JLL is all it took to change her mind.

 “I don’t like this industry and I want to go back to hotels”, said Prafulla

“How about you give it a try for six months and see if you like it here?” said the JLL lady on the line. 

“Her conviction in the firm was so infectious! And her proposal so simple to accept. Or should I say so hard to refuse!”, said Prafulla

And Prafulla began her journey. She was on a flight to Hong Kong on day one, for training. A few days later, she met the senior management and said, “There is no pipeline, and no plan. Not even a team! It is a blank canvas out there!” And someone said with a smile, “So, go ahead and paint it the way you like. And write your own story of success.”

Prafulla came back to India. Energised. Excited. With a clear ambition -  to put India on the map of JLL.  

6 months flew by and the trial period came to an end. Prafulla was asked how she felt now about her decision. “I want to retire in this firm. If a firm can really believe in a new person and provide a blank canvas, I want to be part of it.”

If a firm can really believe in a new person and provide a blank canvas, I want to be part of it.

Did she ever miss Hospitality again?

For a long time, Prafulla was the only woman and non-engineer in the team. Work always had an engineering focus – process, safety, buildings. One day, she asked the team, “What about the people who inhabit these buildings. Have we ever thought about them?” Next instant, all eyes were on her. She said, “I come from a world of superlative people experience delivered through infrastructure. I see the infrastructure but I find people experience missing here!” She is delighted to see an entire new perspective on Human experience leading the discourse today. Back then, her belief - buildings by the people, for the people – ensured Prafulla found a new key to her success in the firm. With her team’s support, she went all out, engaging and educating her clients, delivering tailor-made solutions, helping them achieve their ambitions and tying their success with their people’s, and writing stupendous success for the firm.  

12 years later. What keeps her going. What brings her to work each day infused with new energy?

“The best part about JLL is that each day is a new day and a blank canvas. Back home, when I’m not working, I like to paint, write, dance or simply find something creative to do. And here’s a job that lets me assimilate my creative and professional sides and bring creativity into processes. The firm has not only believed in me but invested in me as well, giving me a platform when I needed, while freeing me to walk the never treaded paths. The passion to make new things happen and the freedom to do it is what keeps me glued to JLL every day!”

A memory that will stay with her always!

“During the transition of my line manager, I was included in the selection process and my opinion sought on my potential boss. A refreshing and overwhelming experience, it reinforced the trust the firm laid in me. On the other hand, it made me put in my 200% to make things happen with my new line manager and prove that I made the right choice. This is my cherished little-BIG moment that JLL gave me.”


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