Feby Abraham

Senior Director - Work Dynamics, Chennai

This International Women’s Day and every day, we are proud to recognize our inspiring women leaders and allies at JLL.
Who is a female inspiration/role model to you and why?

My perfect role models were my Grandmother and my Mother and my Helper at home– an integral part of my life. Nothing short of a miracle was how my teachers mentored my life and held my hand to climb the ladder of success. During my professional life, I have been fortunate to interact with many admirable women. Their immense strength and vitality did not come from their education or background but from within. These brave women sculpted space for them with their grit and determination. In my view, women never imitate other women but are constant seekers of knowledge. They are curious to learn from every situation.

However today, above all my son plays a major role in inspiring me. He is my virtual mirror, who reflects and shows me who I am.

Why does inclusion matter to you?

Inclusion is how we value the presence of different people and groups, and how well we integrate their contributions and perspectives in the scheme of things. My experience is that having people from different backgrounds always strengthens the team. Diversity makes the workplace enjoyable, as today’s office is not time bound . We often spend more than eight hours at work. Therefore, having an amicable workplace becomes a home away from home.

How are you inspiring women to achieve their ambitions at JLL?

From a humble beginning to 25 years of presence in the IFM industry, where women must work hard to make a mark before being recognized. My life journey demonstrates that anything is possible with determination and hard work . I tell my team to focus on small details and make consistent efforts to do the right thing because this is the simplest and best recipe for success.

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