Contact centers

Develop your contact center location strategy and real estate plan. Evaluate markets, select sites, and manage your call center portfolio with data and analytics.

Develop location & portfolio strategy 

Assess contact center locations based on your operational footprint, market demographics, economic incentives, and other key decision-making data. Develop a comprehensive, fit-for-the-future strategy.

Analyze talent availability

Ensure your location strategy gets you access to the right talent. Using multiple data sources and interactive technologies, analyze local education levels, skills, industry expertise, competition, talent supply and demand, and more.

Buy or lease space

When you find the right contact center for your business strategy, negotiate a favorable lease agreement or sale. Ensure your transaction is well executed, properly documented and effectively closed out.

Optimize contact center performance

Develop and intelligently measure KPIs. Perform ongoing assessments to ensure your contact center is operating at maximum efficiency and profitability – and that employees are happy, healthy and engaged.

Transform with technology

Make data-driven decisions on everything from location selection to ongoing, proactive facility management. Improve your speed to market, increase uptime, and reduce operational costs with real-time business intelligence at your fingertips. 

Invest in contact centers 

Analyze industry trends and property performance data to determine if contact centers are the right addition to your investment portfolio. Get an existing investment property in front of target tenants or buyers with a creative property marketing strategy. 

Let’s SEE

Find the ideal location and create an appealing setting where skilled service teams can deliver positive customer experiences. 

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