Ronita Majumdar Basu

Head - Human Resources (Corporate Functions, Transactions and JLL Technologies), India and Sri Lanka

This International Women’s Day and every day, we are proud to recognize our inspiring women leaders and allies at JLL.
Who is a female inspiration/role model to you and why?

My mother has always been my inspiration. She has always inspired me to dream big, stay positive, focused, and give “all you have” to make things work. I have imbibed these aspects in both my professional as well as personal life. I do everything, thinking that I should be doing so that in the end, I can still look into my eyes and say, “you did your best!”

Why does inclusion matter to you?

Inclusion matters a lot, not only in our work life but also in society in general. It begins with including your family members in decision-making and stretches into how we make our teams feel involved in what we do every day. For me, it is like breathing air. If you are not inclusive, you may eventually stop living!

How are you inspiring women to achieve their ambitions at JLL?

In Human Resources, we have more women in our teams. When I connect with them at a personal level, I feel I know them better and can help them grow stronger. Women have different career ambitions at different stages of their lives, especially with India’s societal fabric. As a leader, I fine-tune how I work with each of them depending on their strengths and the diversity in thought and approach that each one brings to the table. Sometimes sharing life instances also helps others pick up learnings from those.

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