Jerry Kingsley

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“I’m glad I have been part of this exciting journey that I can define in 3 simple words – Passion driven success.”

“While at B-school, I saw banks and IT companies pouring in and my peers jumping with job offers in their hands. I’m glad I visualised myself outside of the crowd and waited for the right opportunity to come by. And it did! I knew Real Estate will be the new horizon, and when JLL came in, I saw sunshine!” says Jerry. 

What used to be a handful of real estate advisors 13 years back, soon became one of the most promising and then one of the most trusted real estate service providers in the country. Today, JLL shines out as India’s tech leader that transforms the way real estate works. And the way people work too. “I’m glad I have been part of this exciting journey that I can define in 3 simple words – Passion driven success,” adds Jerry. 

At JLL every day is a new day. Sometimes it’s about a new client with a new ambition, or a new business challenge that demands an innovative solution, or a new success that beckons you to celebrate and sometimes there’s a new idea that makes you lose sleep! “All these years, while the variety has kept me interested to try new things, the firm’s people and values have given me the ground to play on,” Jerry says with a thrill in his eyes.

What sets JLL apart?

To this, Jerry says, “At JLL, I don’t sell a product or a service. I service people and their ambitions. Buildings and growth have no choice but to follow!” A progress-oriented culture that pivots on people’s success prevails through the bays of JLL. As you walk in to our offices, you will see a red thread guiding you through. It is this thread that ties us with the passion to achieve, the love for our people and the energy to make things happen. This is what keeps us together and keeps us moving, up. Teamwork, Ethics and Excellence is the cornerstone of our success. 

How does JLL set a good example of Diversity & Inclusion? 

"Our mission is to build and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace within JLL that not only attracts the best talent but retains it as well. This includes making a conscious effort to promote a culture where we embrace the diversity of our employees’ backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and harnessing this collective wisdom to provide the best value to our stakeholders and build a workplace where everyone’s voice matters," says Jerry.

Helping people achieve their ambitions is the foundation of JLL's culture and all its people have a responsibility to do their part in ensuring inclusiveness around. Hiring talent across generation, geography and gender has been the bedrock of the firm's success.  JLL provides a working environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a real estate professional?

Jerry’s instant reply, “I’d be teaching! Another reason why I love it at JLL, is this. The environment here encourages nurturing leaders and syncs with one of my strongest ambitions.” At JLL, you will find leaders coaching as well as learning from the millennials. Best practices percolate down and new perspectives move up as insight that drives innovation!


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