Prerna Grover

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A vivacious girl who has balanced her life, priorities and goals in a way that’s inspiring for some and envious for some more. That’s Prerna for you! A spa buff who equally well knows how to rough it out when at work. A travel freak who happily succumbs to bonds that bring her back home.

Her own mirror.

“I’m an independent woman who equally loves her work and family,” says Prerna. “I stay with two boys – my husband and my son – I call them my sunshine. I do two full time shifts – one as a real estate consultant and the other as a full-time mother to my three-year-old son. Both terribly demanding roles that keep me hands-full but always smiling. Every day I try to strike the right balance between both and yet give them both my 100%,” she adds.

“Sometimes it helps to have fewer choices!”

That’s how Prerna landed at JLL. Final year of graduation and her college was swarmed with organisations for campus placements. “However, with a practical father back home and a caring boyfriend outside, were only limiting my options. Dad wasn’t in favour of me travelling too much every day for work, while my boyfriend (my better half now), who had been a banker, wanted me to evaluate everything except banking!” she says with a chuckle. JLL seemed to fit the bill right so she decided to sit through the interview. It was then that it actually clicked and Prerna knew she was in the right place. And in good hands. Her hiring manager was equally excited to have found the right person for the role. 

After over twelve years of working and growing with JLL, Prerna feels honoured to be a part of the transformation journey that the firm has travelled – from being a ‘real estate only’ firm to a firm that has tech in its spirit and people at its heart! 

What does she take back home every day?

Not taking long to answer, Prerna says, “The only constant during the journey I’ve been on, with JLL, has been good people and a great culture. My seniors empower me and bring out the best in me. The freedom to fall, make mistakes, and try again until success keeps me energised and glued in.”

“I have huge gratitude towards JLL for what I am today. Fresh out of college, I started here as an Analyst, and since then have jumped 6 ranks. JLL has invested in me, giving me a direction and the push to travel my path,” she adds.

 “For most, achieving the perfect work-life balance is nothing but an elusive dream. With JLL, I have seen it coming true”

A girl with a small dream – just the best of both worlds!

“Personally, I like to make time for friends and family. As a professional, I believe my only role is to love what I do and celebrate the fulfillment. Success will have no choice but to come along. JLL helps me achieve both my ambitions, every day. I walk into a workplace I love coming to, every morning and I go back with a sense of achievement that keeps me smiling to myself and my folks. For most, achieving the perfect work-life balance is nothing but an elusive dream. With JLL, I have seen it coming true,” Prerna says.

What makes JLL one of the best workplaces for women?

“I have transitioned into two new phases of my life, during the 12 years at JLL – I have become a wife and a mother. I cannot thank the firm more for the support extended during both these life-changing events. My seniors have always been available for any support I seek from the firm,” says Prerna.

If you were to do something that you are not doing now. What would it be? 

“I want to take out more time to indulge in activities where am I able to give it back to the society. Once again, I know I will be able to do that with JLL as my ambition syncs well with my firm’s. “Now that’s what I call a true fulfillment,” she chimes in. 


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