Zarbin Chadha

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“A leap of faith I took and never regretted!” is how Zarbin tells her JLL story in short. Former Art Director at a large creative agency in India, decided to give the corporate environment a go when she was called for a ‘chat’ by JLL. 

On Day one, she walked in with mixed emotions, few apprehensions donated by anti-corporate friends, yet enough excitement, her earphones and a set of colours. A professional environment that still felt so warm was a welcome change for her. Senior management making an effort to spend time with her on the first day itself, was unexpected and impressive. Zarbin thought to herself, “It’s time to shed pre-conceived notions and make a new beginning! I think I’ll be fine here!”

“Today JLL is an aspirational brand to associate with. Twelve years back things were different. We were delivering excellence to our clients and our portfolio and footprint were growing. We enjoyed great recognition within the industry. But there was a huge scope to have our brand tell its own story of trust and growth to the world outside. That became my ambition and I was so excited. What impressed me was that the vision of the firm shone in everyone’s eyes and actions. I thought maybe it’s the right time place for me to start.”

“I was fortunate to have had an ex-Advertising person as my line manager. With a healthy exchange of thoughts, we creatively translated the brand vision and weaved the brand story,” says Zarbin. She was promised an exciting career with the firm and as it turns out, the excitement still continues.

When she joined JLL, Zarbin held close to heart the culture she had thrived in, back in the advertising days. The skill to visualise a new dream and the passion to crystalise it into reality is what she brought with her.  “Only a firm like JLL could make me stay so long. The firm’s hunger for innovation and creativity is what made me feel at home, to begin with. And rewarded, ever since. I had not imagined such vast scope of creativity in real estate. JLL has not only given me that blank slate but even the freedom to paint my own strokes!

Looking forward to finding the madness for work she was used to, Zarbin discovered with JLL, that life doesn’t need to be uni-dimensionally mad. She found the perfect work-life balance that allowed her to retain what she was while being what time needed her to be – a free-spirited designer at work and a responsible mom who wanted to grow up with her darling daughter at home!

"Here, I cherish the freedom to swirl, knowing I can always fall back on my anchor!

Times changed. New people came in. What was the constant that stayed with Zarbin?

“Over the years, I got to work with many and different people in the team. Coming from different industries and with unique expertise, each brought in a new perspective and a set of skills that the team could embrace and propel the brand with greater force. I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to grasp so much from so many,” says Zarbin.

A team so diverse – what kept it together as a single strong entity, always?

“While each one of us were let free to grow and create, the firm’s culture and its values cemented us together. Here, I cherish the freedom to swirl, knowing I can always fall back on my anchor!”

How did JLL help Zarbin achieve her ambitions?

As a child, Zarbin wanted to be an Interior Designer. As she started out as a graphics designer and continued to evolve, she could never park the desire to design spaces one day. At JLL, she found immense opportunity to realise her childhood dream. As the firm grew and added new offices to its map, Zarbin passionately transformed the new spaces into the perfect workplaces that her peers could belong to. Even today, she is excited like a child when she transforms the plain white walls into artworks that help deliver the brand beautifully to the world. Make it strong. Serve it smooth – she believes. “I have amalgamated technology with creativity. I have told stories through buildings. I have built a brand that I can call my own.”   


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