Client story

Facilitating Intuit’s office fitout’s and achieving LEED CI Platinum

We created an environmentally friendly workplace for Intuit, while simultaneously achieving financial benefits by incorporating sustainability in its design.



  • Over 30% energy savings in lighting
  • Reduced water use by 69% achieved

Intuit – a global financial software firm, desired to incorporate sustainability in its design and create an environmentally friendly workplace while simultaneously achieving financial benefits through water and energy cost savings. They also wanted to communicate these achievements through LEED for Commercial Interiors certification.

The process began with performing a gap assessment to ensure that the project satisfied LEED pre-requisites and minimum certification requirements. This project consciously adopted sustainable practices and ensured optimum lighting, controls, water efficient fixtures and demand controlled ventilation, amongst other initiatives.

Key initiatives taken include:

  • Optimizing lighting power density & lighting controls
  • Measurement & Verification through appropriate energy metering
  • Strategically located to take advantage of the public transport
  • Encourages employees to use car- pool and bike to work.
  • Over 90% of the IT & plug loads is ENERGY STAR rated

This has been a truly collaborative effort, with all project team participants working together to optimize the environmental benefit, the results being:

  • Over 30% energy savings in lighting
  • Green Power to meet CSR goals on carbon reduction
  • Savings in air conditioning through VAV & Demand Controlled ventilation
  • Reduced water use by 69% achieved 

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