Client story

Hybrid work solutions accelerate employees’ return to office for a Fortune 500 company

JLL helps a professional services firm optimise space and create a vibrant work environment, enhancing productivity and collaboration while meeting sustainability targets


Major urban market


Smart ROI-driven re-investment opportunity and a more productive work environment


The pandemic-induced remote work culture has posed several challenges for occupiers. Optimising space and encouraging employees back to offices top the list. Our client, a Fortune 500 professional services firm, occupied multiple floors in a Class A+ office tower in a major urban market. They were having trouble managing the flow of their people.   

Aspiring to encourage their employees back, the client approached JLL seeking guidance on reimagining their workplace. The firm looked for a vibrant workplace to foster collaboration and team interactions. Moreover, considering the inconsistent flow of people, they wanted to optimise their space to align their real estate footprint and meet the firm’s sustainability commitments.


As the scope of the request was comprehensive and aimed at creating a hybrid future of work, JLL used next-generation AI-enabled technology to meet the client’s requirements. Our technology stack enabled us to collect accurate data to run simulations and come up with effective space utilisation models. It also allowed us to identify high movement areas, such as reception, coffee bar, and mail room, causing hindrance to space optimisation. Integrating expectations of a hybrid workforce, JLL designed a diverse working style, offering people options to choose what suits them best and meets their diverse needs.

The novel approach to space planning needed the replacement of traditionally allotted desks with dynamic space planning. With AI-algorithms, we enabled an ergonomic work environment with hot desks, enhancing the comfort, efficiency, and productivity of people. The dedicated collaboration areas allowed increased opportunities for collaboration. 


As an end-to-end solution, JLL supported the client and their staff in integrating and transitioning to a hybrid work environment, enhancing employee experience. Moreover, by mothballing excess, not-in-use space, we ensured a reduction in maintenance costs and energy consumption, helping the firm meet its sustainability targets. 

The reimagined office of the future increased the value of the asset, allowing the client to make ROI-driven re-investments in the future.

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