Client story

Integrated facilities management for a global medical devices company

JLL is the appointed IFM provider in Singapore and India for head office, R&D plant, and commercial offices, and manages strategic outsourcing to offset rising manpower costs.


APAC (India, Malaysia, Singapore)


507K sq. ft.


JLL was appointed as the client’s integrated facilities management (IFM) service provider in Singapore and India, for their head office, R&D plant, and few commercial offices:

  • Execution of contracted services in minimum time period, given that the sites were greenfield locations

  • Need to adopt a strategic approach to outsourcing or self-performing services

  • Offset increasing manpower costs through the renewal process as far as possible

Solution & value creation:
  • JLL’s scope of work includes both hard and soft services in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and non-GMP areas across the entire spectrum of daily facility operations and periodic maintenance

  • Worked with the client to close 99% of joint mock audit observations within three months (MDC site, India)

  • Operations aid audit – the 3rd party audit teams ensured fulfilment of required standards e.g., service delivery at appropriate time

  • Continuous Improvement: Introduced zero land waste programme which aligned with the client’s 2030 sustainability goals, introduced energy management programme & implemented the use of cleaning robots in multiple facilities

  • As a practice, submitted two innovative ideas every quarter, to meet client expectations and serve them better

  • Energy optimisation savings in raw power of 1,157,135 KWH using enlightening system (BKC site, India)

  • Introduced reliability centric maintenance (RCM) engineering transformation

  • Over $500,000 savings and cost avoidance achieved in India since 2018

  • Uninterrupted operations with 100% business uptime (BKC site, India) 

  • Achieved ISO-50001 in energy management system in 2020

  • Coordinated the move and grand opening of the new office in Duo Tower, Singapore in April 2017, with on-boarding of all the client’s employees