Client story

Integrated facilities management programme for a global medical technology company 

JLL is engaged to design an IFM programme. Decentralised operations were centralised for consistent practices, cost control, and improved efficiency.




16M sq. ft; 42 sites

  • In 2017, in response to market pressure to lower costs and improve compliance, the client engaged JLL to design an integrated facilities management (IFM) programme to deliver rigorous and consistent processes, cost controls, and operational best practices across the company’s office, manufacturing, and lab locations.

  • Decentralised model for managing IFM operations, with no overall plan for managing its sizeable portfolio. Each location was in charge of its own facility and project management, and effectiveness varied widely.

Solution & value creation:
  • JLL developed a centralised IFM programme that pulled together best practices, processes, and standard operating procedures from our worldwide base of Life Sciences and manufacturing clients.

  • We introduced several programmes to establish consistency and cost savings which included: Single Pane of Glass Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards; Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Improvement Plans; Facility Condition Assessments; SAP Standardisation; and JLL’s Operational Compliance Audit. 

  • Leveraging JLL’s comprehensive IFM offering, we developed a flexible IFM scope of services aligned with the various needs at the different types of sites, including: “hard” services such as maintenance; site services such as housekeeping; mailroom services; and variable project services delivering small capital and maintenance projects. A scope of work was developed for each facility, and JLL shaped service delivery based on each site.

  • Developed the “Single Pane of Glass” Dashboard providing client with real-time insight into all key performance metrics across the portfolio - increased consistency and provided transparency across their global portfolio.

  • Implemented an Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) programme focused on supporting communication, awareness, and education; as well as reducing risk, increasing compliance, and measuring/managing vendor performance. Programme led to injury rates consistently below BD’s target and industry averages.

  • Achieved $5.6M in savings and on track to hit year-end savings targets.

  • Significant savings through sourcing and request for proposal (RFP) activities — top categories of savings are Janitorial (14%), Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Water Treatment (42%), Snow Removal (20%), Delran RODI (19%) and Elevators (35%).

  • Launched Lyft services to replace commuter shuttle services at two sites for 13% savings.

  • Performed Facility Condition Assessments on clients’ facilities to evaluate the overall condition of each facility or system.