Client story

JLL advises a global e-commerce giant to create a future of work across its pan India offices

Latest technologies, flexible work arrangements, and conceptual design ideas enable the client to have regenerative workspaces


Collective ideas ensured future-proof workspaces


Pan India


As the world emerges from Covid, businesses are thinking of ways to create a future of work to offer employees more flexibility, wellness and enhanced experience. Our client, a global e-commerce giant, was also seeking to make their workspaces ‘post-covid - future normal’ across India.

Their Global Real Estate and Facilities team was exploring the functional requirements, space demands, customer needs, technological innovations, operational changes, and physical design components to reimagine their offices. However, they needed professional intervention in planning and executing these changes. The client reached out to JLL for our assistance in creating a regenerative workplace.


JLL defined the scope of work and the portfolio size and approached the client’s requirements as long-term and short-term solutions. We reviewed the status of their set-up, and the immediate advice was on how to change course in response to the Covid situation. The team proposed minor changes to the layout and infrastructure in meeting rooms, open offices, breakout areas and collaborative spaces. 

Later, JLL explored conceptual and ideological modifications to bring the change in the long term. We proposed programmatic and metrics alterations impacting how they allocated space for their employees and customers. Such operational considerations directly affected the client’s real estate portfolio, therefore, required data backing. 


JLL conducted a two-day ideation workshop by inviting a panel of experts from varied backgrounds and capabilities. Additionally, JLL thought leadership helped design concepts and ideas around optimised space utilisation. These brainstorming sessions brought out innovative answers that met the client’s needs.

A holistic strategy emerged, aiming at people’s safety, including a variety of work settings, ensuring employees’ comfort.