Client story

JLL helped an NCR-based client in improving indoor air quality with smart filter up-gradation

Combined strategies of adequate ventilation and filter upgrade ensured a safe and healthy environment in the office


A safe and risk-free office environment


Delhi NCR


Pollution, especially in winters, deteriorates the air quality index (AQI) of the Indian national capital Delhi and surrounding areas, the national capital region (NCR). The situation worsens following the festival of Deepawali when people light firecrackers. While this poor AQI impacts indoor air quality, the onset of Covid-19 has only added a new dimension to the problem. 

One of our clients was concerned about the ambient air in their office in NCR. They wanted an air quality assessment and filtration system within their 400,000 sq. ft property. The client was eagerly looking for a quick fix to this problem to ensure their employees’ health and safety. They reached out to JLL, seeking expert assistance to identify gaps and advise long-term solutions.


As re-evaluation of air filtration is essential to arrest the indoor and outdoor pollutants, JLL reviewed the filter performance and found it below par even when the ambient air had a moderate level of pollutants. We also discovered that repeated washing had lowered the filter efficiencies in catching microorganisms, especially when it is high during the winter months. In addition, the air-conditioning system lacked a technology that could prompt filter replacement. The poor indoor air quality and insufficient ventilation had also contributed to the sick building syndrome reported by some. ​

Based on the findings, JLL advised a ventilation enhancement strategy. This was complemented by filter upgrades that meet international standards and effectively capture even the finest particles. Additionally, JLL prepared a timeline for the timely replacement of filters and established a real-time AQI monitoring system.  


JLL helped the client create a healthy environment inside their office space with improved filtration, proper ventilation, and an accurate air quality monitoring system. JLL upgraded filters can now perform even in the worst ambient conditions while addressing energy efficiency. The office ventilation surpasses ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards, offering the employees a risk-free space to work.