Client story

An investment firm leverages JLL’s Covid-safe practices at the workplace to ensure safe re-entry

JLL conducted a risk assessment and prepared protocol guidelines, enabling the client to welcome their employees to a safe work environment


Mumbai, Bangalore


Over 8,000 sq. ft

“All those copied have been professional, supportive, taken the time to understand our drivers, delivered at pace, performed with a “can do” attitude, excellence and have built a platform of trust in a short time. This would have been excellent at any time, but in these uncertain and challenging times, it is exceptional and stands firm. I thank JLL India for the support to date.” ​

​Head of Group Properties and Facilities, United Kingdom​

The crisis imposed by Covid-19 left many organisations in a doldrum on safe return to office post lockdowns. Most of them are unsure of how to ensure the safety of their workforce as neither they have full knowledge of statutory requirements nor any standards or best industry practices to refer to. 

One firm in the investment business reached out to JLL to assess their sites in Mumbai and Bengaluru for risks. The client also needed advice on what actions to take to ensure employees’ safe return to the office.


The scope of work was vast. JLL carried out a risk assessment by identifying areas that needed attention and intervention. The team prepared an exhaustive list, including employee transportation, health checks at entry and exit points, social distancing and cleaning norms. We also enlisted the availability of hand sanitisers and masks to ensure precaution and hygiene. 

Our team prepared a plan to manage occupancy and employee movement to maintain physical distance at high footfall places such as cafeterias, recreation or breakout areas. In addition, protocols for hardware systems, such as HVAC, water supply, UPS rooms, and fire and life safety checks, were prepared. Before handover to the client, JLL ensured that all plans, policies and procedures were compliant with the respective government regulations.


Optimisation of screening and sanitisation process were included as part of the assessment report with 23 categorically identified action points for each site.​ Moreover, JLL shared our best practices, protocols and posters with the client so they could develop their own guidelines. 

The project was completed in 14 days, with all reports and plans handed over. The site team was happy about their collaboration with JLL. The client shared the report and guidelines with their UK team, highlighting the thoroughness of the assessment and the value-add provided.​