Client story

JLL’s standard operating procedures help a financial institution create a Covid-safe workplace

Strict Covid protocols enhanced the employee confidence enabling the client to successfully execute return to office strategy


2,50,000 sq. ft


Across 26 cities


A list of ten Standard Operating Procedures was delivered


As companies look ahead to enter the post-pandemic new normal, creating a safe workplace for employees becomes their top priority. A well-known banking institution was working on a plan for its staff to return to a future of work environment. As the company's operations are spread over 250,000 square feet of space across 26 Indian cities, it needed professional expertise to introduce new operational requirements into its system.

The client reached out to JLL for integrated management of their facilities while implementing new work culture. The other requirement was managing risks while creating a post-Covid safe workspace where employees feel comfortable being back.


JLL’s Engineering team collaborated with the client’s Operations team to develop certain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to align their workspace with the requirements of the new normal. The process involved several brainstorming sessions to understand the client’s needs and customise the SOPs accordingly. Working together, we reached a consensus on a set of ten SOPs. The client tasked JLL with the responsibility to implement and incorporate those procedures into their operations.

We set up a health screening kiosk and put signage in the lift and reception area for social distancing. New norms were in place for how employees use office transportation, including a temperature test before boarding the bus and distant seating inside the bus. The cafeteria also followed strict social distancing norms and served only packaged food.

Some of the specifics included:  

  • Self-declaration of health through an app
  • Recalibrated controls of elevators to ensure social distancing
  • Setting up facility decontamination stations
  • Prepared guidelines for how to handle a Covid case in the office
  • Protocols for disinfection and preventive hygiene services
  • Cafeteria guidelines for food handlers on food safety
  • Mandatory microbial culture tests for indoor air quality
  • New HVAC guidelines and procedures for the HVAC system
  • Fresh policies for biomedical waste management in commercial spaces (especially disposal of masks and gloves)
  • New standards for the employee transportation system

As the firm does business in essential services, it had a phased comeback strategy starting mid-May 2022 to ensure full-fledged operations. Implementing our SOPs boosted employee confidence and assured them that they were returning to a safe working environment.