Client story

JLL uses filtration and UV energy to upgrade ambient air quality in its Mumbai office, meeting international standards

The latest technology at the design fit-out stage helps JLL One BKC Office in Mumbai mitigate the pandemic-related health risks




Health and safety of people in the times of the pandemic


JLL is a world-leading property services firm that creates sustainable spaces where everyone can thrive. The firm promotes safe and healthy workplaces and protects the environment in which our clients and we operate. Ambient air for the health and safety of our people becomes our priority while building our own offices, as was the case with JLL’s One BKC Office in Mumbai.

We realised the need for a technology-assisted solution right at the fit-out stage to mitigate pandemic-led health risks. JLL’s Engineering team was tasked to evaluate the HVAC system and identify if it matched the international standards. The team also proposed solutions to ensure the indoor air was free of fungal or viral bacteria and particle pollution.


The team evaluated the air-conditioning system to establish if the filters were able to capture viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms within the air-conditioned space. They carefully selected the air handlers that could catch particulate pollution and all the organisms, including bacteria and viruses, which deteriorate the indoor air quality. The team established the grade of the fresh filters to check the outdoor pollutants and meet the ventilation requirements.

The solution proposed was to combine UVGI technology (that uses ultraviolet energy to kill bacteria) with filtration to meet global standards. Filter selection was made carefully to ensure it performs even in the worst ambient conditions with improved ventilation to meet the ASHRAE (American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers) standards. The team also advised a disinfection system that can inactivate microorganisms.


Addressing solutions at the design fit-out stage helped JLL ensure a healthy and safe work environment for its people. We also put in place a performance tracking system for consistency. The tracking included real-time indoor air quality monitoring systems and timely filter replacements to maintain the global standards of indoor air quality.