Client story

KIMS Global, the first healthcare institution in South India to receive Platinum rating

As one of Asia’s landmark healthcare centres, KIMS provides specialised medical facilities at affordable costs.


274-bed hospital at Trivandrum

Square Feet



Savings 40% energy | 30% water

As one of Asia’s landmark healthcare centres, KIMS provides specialised medical facilities at affordable costs. While expanding the spectrum of healthcare, protecting the environment always tops their mind. Partnering with JLL brought them the laurel to be awarded the prestigious Platinum from Indian Green Building Council.

In sync with its broad base in India and Middle Eastern countries, multi-disciplinary, super-speciality healthcare organisation Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) has a farsighted vision for sustainability. Two years ago, when conceptualising their 274-bed hospital in Trivandrum (Kerala), the client had set high sustainability goals. 

Determined to achieve the targets, KIMS joined hands with JLL to seek advice on sustainability aspects during the construction of the building, spread over 446,211 square feet. JLL provided end-to-end consultancy throughout the project.

Team JLL reviewed the design, incorporating elements to achieve all sustainability mandates. Our combined efforts targeted reducing greenhouse gas emissions while making sure the building is environment-friendly and ensures a reduced carbon footprint to KIMS.

For example, we retained 50% of natural topography for enhanced biodiversity on the campus. In addition, we ensured that all in-patient rooms are well connected to an atrium, securing more than 30% of additional fresh air and a positive environment, providing speedy recovery to patients.

Considering the nature of the client’s business, all material used for the interior, like paint or other products, was made of low VOC to reduce any adverse health impact on the building occupants. To improve air quality, we used high rating filters to trap the smallest particles before they enter the air conditioning system, thus preventing the transmission of airborne diseases.

Some of the building’s primary features include

  • Highly efficient lighting fixtures meeting International standards such as lm79 and lm80,
  • High-performance water-cooled screw chillers, Central Plant manager (CPM) to ensure overall plant room efficiency,
  • Highest ventilation features meeting ASHRAE 170 published post Covid,
  • Fresh air ventilation through heat recovery wheels,
  • Operating rooms having filters with CG technology that ensures lowest germs count,
  • State of the art Command Centre to improve patient experience,
  • Efficient building envelope with glass façade that lets light in but shuts the heat in from the ambient especially in the humid place in Kerala,
  • Recycling of STP water by MBR methodology,
What we achieved?
  • 40% energy saving: over and above ASHRAE 90.1
  • 30% saving of water consumption: with sensor-based flushing, faucets with aerators, rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling
  • 15% recycled and 30% locally procured material: to reduce the embodied carbon of the building
  • 400 kld sewage water treatment: to meet the water requirement for flushing and cooling towers
  • Solar water heating: for 6,000 LPD hot water 

Receiving the highest accolade of Platinum Green, KIMS East has underlined the organisation’s commitment to sustainability and has set the first milestone on its roadmap to success. With the award that falls under the Green Building New Construction programme of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), KIMS becomes India’s third healthcare project to receive this honour. 

KIMS management acknowledges the value that JLL services added to their building.

“JLL constantly helped us in focusing all the sustainability elements by handholding in design review to coordinating with the Green Building Council until its completion,” says

E M Najeeb, Executive Director of KIMS.

The partnership between KIMS and JLL thrives as we nurture a unified vision. We are committed to continue collaborating, pushing boundaries on sustainability every time we work together.