Client story

Workplace evolution starts with innovation

Through our facility management offering, we helped India based Capgemini Technology Services drive through operational excellence with leading technology and unite its workforce across its nine centres.

Innovation is a catalyst for improved business productivity, which Paris-based Capgemini Technology Services knows all too well. With over half of its global headcount based in India, the professional services and business consultancy needed an innovative solution to engage its workforce across the country’s nine cities. 

After Capgemini’s acquisition of the Indian integrated technology provider iGate, nearly 31,000 employees were taken on. This growth meant the company had access to a wider range of expertise and so, could maintain its focus on conquering the digital space (blockchain, IoT and automation) and on driving transformation through operational efficiency and technology integration.

Through our facility management offering, we helped Capgemini to foster a sense of control and to create a unified team. We based our approach on driving operational excellence across our services and driving the best possible experiences across our managed sites. We used leading technology and fine-tuned a number of innovative solutions, like our eFit Facility Helpdesk Application, which made sure their sites were running proactively and efficiently.

Then, in 2016, we rolled-out of the centralised helpdesk for Capgemini’s India-based team. This resulted in an augmented human experience for employees and the installation of over 4000 unique QR coded cards in all Capgemini facilities across the country. These cards let client staff log service requests or complaints digitally, which, in the first year, amounted to over 315,000. This engagement was achieved with the help of our tech and communications experts and the launch of their dedicated Helpdesk awareness campaign.

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