Delta repurposes real estate for safety and service

Airline acts quickly to protect employees while handling customer needs.

March 29, 2020

As COVID-19 began to impact more communities around the world, Delta Air Lines acted quickly to protect its employees. Delta needed space for its Reservation Sales Department to handle urgent customer needs that could not be completed remotely, while also maintaining enough distance from each other to be safe. 

They enlisted JLL to move hundreds of Atlanta-based reservation specialists from their offices to a new call center we set up in a hangar of Delta’s on-campus museum.

In 72 hours, our Moves Adds Changes (MAC) team worked tirelessly around the clock to create 305 workstations, spacing them out in accordance with the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for social distancing.  

Our Facility Management and support teams also set up a break room with refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines, hand wipes and other necessary supplies that help keep people safe.

Our team on the project included people in facilities management, change management, moves, space, human experience and communications. The group helped lead orientations and tours for the specialists moving into the new space, recognizing the importance of helping them feel comfortable in their new environment, now more than ever, so they can continue to focus on serving their customers.

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