Facilities management team helps employees get home safely

JLL helped move hundreds of employees living on a corporate campus in India back home.

April 24, 2020

When the Indian government announced a country-wide lockdown in late March, 540 employees at Indian IT consultancy Mindtree, who were living on the group’s corporate campus in Kalinga, suddenly needed to get back home. Not only that, they were going to need the ability to work remotely.

The JLL facilities management team at the campus had a plan. They helped arrange transport while ensuring that their client’s employees would be able to connect digitally upon getting home. The mammoth task was scheduled to take four days. The JLL team managed to finish the job in two days, having previously completed regular drills and briefings on responding to critical situations.

“The manner in which the JLL team handled the evacuation showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking,” says Biswajit Das, Program Director, Mindtree. “Their staff displayed much empathy during this time. JLL’s contribution has left a lasting impression on us.”

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