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JLL at Davos | May 22-26, 2022

Davos is an opportunity to connect with leaders of business, government and civil society to exchange insights about key global issues, gain fresh perspectives and advance solutions to bring positive change.

As leaders in the real estate industry, we want to share our expertise, show what’s possible, and support companies in dealing with risk and uncertainty while creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Together with our clients and communities, we are actively shaping the future of real estate.

The Davos Agenda

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The conversation about green real estate is moving on as corporates prioritize sustainability

As the business world wakes up to the need to urgently cut carbon emissions across commercial real estate, we’re increasingly seeing these changing attitudes reflected in the financial value of the buildings around us. JLL’s CEO Christian Ulbrich explains why the time to act is now.

Our delegates attending Davos

Christian Ulbrich

Chief Executive Officer & President

Richard Bloxam

CEO, Capital Markets

Radha Dhir

CEO & Country Head, India

Guy Grainger

Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG

Neil Murray

CEO, Work Dynamics

Andy Poppink

CEO, Markets Advisory