JLL Amongst Top 100 Places To Work In India: Great Place To Work® Survey 2018

In recognition of the various employee initiatives taken by the company, Great Place to Work® and The Economic Times have included JLL, India’s largest real estate services company into the top 100 companies “India’s Best Companies to Work For’

July 03, 2018
  •     One of the only 3 real estate companies to be in top 100
  •     Annual survey acknowledges JLL’s employee centric policy and ethics

In recognition of the various employee initiatives taken by the company,  Great Place to Work® and The Economic Times have included JLL, India’s largest real estate services company into the top 100 companies “India’s Best Companies to Work For’.

This annual survey, now in its 10th year in India, recognizes companies on numerous parameters to arrive at the coveted list of companies that provide an enabling environment of sustenance, growth, engagement and work-life balance to its employees.

Ramesh Nair, CEO and Country Head, JLL India said, “We are proud that JLL is amongst India’s best places to work. It is a testament to our policies and initiatives towards employee developments practiced as a part of our corporate DNA. We encourage individuality and entrepreneurial spirit which allows every employee the freedom to maintain their unique style, have the independence to innovate and achieve their professional and personal ambitions, and feel a sense of progress.

Further, our robust policy of rewards and recognition provides our colleagues with validation for their achievements. JLL is committed to extend maximum support through an inspiring and inclusive environment.” 

Tanvi Choksi, Head Human Resources, JLL India said, “JLL’s culture focuses and nurtures a strong set of core values and ethics. Our people are excited about the work they do because of the freedom and opportunity to confront challenges, as well as by delegating assignments that match each person’s strengths, which makes them feel extremely important at work and make us a great place to work. 

In our quest to make our workplace even better, we have been focused towards making our culture inclusive and our offices more collaborative, tech-enabled and shining examples of Future of Work. We aim to do this across all offices, to improve productivity and provide our people with the best working environment. I am grateful to our employees for their affection and confidence towards JLL.”

This is the second consecutive time that JLL has been selected within the top 100 Best Companies to Work for in India. A global firm which is committed to client and employee benefits at all time, JLL has a proud history of 250 years globally. In India, the company has spent over 2 successful decades, majority of which has been spent being the most profitable property consultancy in India

The role of the employees in making the company a premier amongst its peers is reinforced by the GPTW award which helped in further highlighting our strong commitment towards quality and our rich culture, values and ethics.

The annual survey has recognized JLL India as one of India’s best places to work basis a few distinguishing factors which include the following:


Collaboration is one of our core business values, and by the nature of our business, at the center of our work. At JLL, we offer a set of specialised services to our clients, and often these services are offered in conjunction, sequentially or as a part of a larger bouquet of services.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that for a workplace to truly succeed, Diversity must be followed by Inclusion. Workplace Diversity is not just an item on the agenda waiting to be ticked a business objective. Being in a business that thrives on people, JLL has all the more reason to nurture a diverse workforce that brings in diverse perspectives and capabilities.


JLL is the pioneer and one of the very few companies in the real estate industry which have written down incentive schemes and profit sharing policies providing clear line of sight to employees in terms of their variable payment and other incentives vis-à-vis their performance.

Supporting the Community

At JLL, we believe that our employees are our biggest strength and as a company we aim to constantly identify gaps and develop policies which address the concerns faced by our employees.

The motive is to deal with the “I-am-not-valuable” identity crisis if any faced by the employees and to partner with them on a personal level as well so that the desired professional result can be achieved.

In addition to JLL staff, the firm has been successfully delivering increased value to clients, shareholders and stakeholders. Applying social and environmental filters to our work and services is our underlying principle of success. To give this principle of success, a shape and form, we have recently launched JLL India’s first-ever formally registered CSR trust called ‘Building a Better Tomorrow Foundation’.

The trust aims to consolidate our ever-increasing efforts to serve our community in better and meaningful ways, while having its objectives mapped to the firm’s CSR policy. Under this trust, JLL India has identified four key focus areas, as mentioned below and will now be seen Building a Better Tomorrow with even more vigour!

  1.     Child Welfare & Reducing Child Mortality
  2.     Employment enhancing vocational skills
  3.     Ensuring environmental sustainability
  4.     Women empowerment


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