How to find the right office location for your startup in Bangalore

The startup industry's growing demand for independent headquarters fuels the need for office space

Bangalore has been known as the innovation and startup capital of India. The location, access, infrastructure and many other factors have made the city home to some of the most renowned unicorns, and it just continues to grow as the hub for new businesses.

So how do you go about looking for the right office space in Bangalore for your startup?

When you begin your search, consider the basics- access to amenities, public transportation, and parking. Also take into account the area you require for your office and the rent it’s going to cost. Once you have these covered, you need to factor in the local business climate and the availability of talent in the area.

Additionally, research the local startup ecosystem and look for co-working spaces or incubators that may be able to provide resources and support.

Even if you know the city well, finding the exact location can be complicated. Each area comes with its own set of pros and cons and may also be suited to a different type of business.

If you’re looking to start in a prime area in Bangalore, here are the three best locations for startups in the city:

HSR Layout

Located in the south of Koramangala, HSR layout is also known as startup hub of Bangalore. It is known for its layout and digital infrastructure, with a grid system that is far more sophisticated for housing and working. With the Outer Ring Road right next to it, you can connect to all ends of the city with ease. In addition, it also offers the perfect amalgamation of the corporate lifestyle and vibrant social life. One of the advantages of HSR is that it has more standalone properties with smaller floor plates, making it ideal for a startup to have their first office here.

Average rental price for commercial spaces: Starts at INR 80 per sq ft.

Indira Nagar

Known as the commercial hub of east-central Bangalore, Indira Nagar is one of the best locations for office spaces in Bangalore. This region has a blend of both residential and commercial properties, making it easier to work and live in the same area. It is well connected to significant roads and metro stations ensuring an easy commute for all.

Average rental price for commercial spaces: Starts at INR 90 per sq ft.


Another great area to set up an office in Bangalore is Koramangala. Divided into eight blocks, with each block having both commercial and residential properties, Koramangala helps find the work-life balance. In fact, you’d find some of the most well-known firms having their offices primarily in the 3rd and 7th blocks. The region is well connected to the different parts of the city, making traveling easier, and the Inner Ring Road of Koramangala connects with Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road.

Average rental price for commercial spaces: Starts at INR 80 per sq ft.

Setting up an office in Bangalore is easy if you choose to go with the right approach. When you’re choosing your office location, do some research on where might be best for your business to grow.

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