Client story

JLL assists a global financial institution with their E&M maintenance Capex plan, ensuring safety and savings

A thorough engineering review of mechanical, electrical and engineering (MEP) systems enhanced operational efficiencies, mitigating risks and ensuring long-term cost savings to a global banking institution


Various Indian metros


A comprehensive assessment with a detailed report and the overall expenditure plan was presented to the client 


2,50,000 sq. ft.


Security can’t be compromised when it comes to financial institutions. Saving operational and maintenance costs is another top priority on their minds. Our client, one of the leading banking institutions, is no different. They looked to streamline their operations alongside risk mitigation across their offices.

The client wanted a thorough health check of electrical and mechanical equipment at all of their five locations. On top of this, they needed a deep analysis of any underlying risks, a maintenance strategy and capital expenditure planning. The company reached out to JLL seeking our engineering expertise in facility management.


JLL Engineering Operations team carried out a detailed assessment of all machinery and equipment at all client sites to ascertain any risk. Using technology, data analytics assistance, and onsite visits, our team of experts examined every part of the building management system. These included electrical panels, RO plants, batteries, access control systems, heating, cooling and ventilation units, fire alarm systems, gas-based suppression systems, and others.

The institution was also keen to assess the efficiency of its data centre. With nearly a decade of experience identifying issues relating to data centre operations, JLL relied on the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric to determine the energy efficiency of this asset.

The team documented a detailed list of all systems that needed essential or preventative upgrading or replacement due to their end-of-life status. Our recommendations were based on this exhaustive evaluation, which we also used to prepare a long-term E&M maintenance strategy, indicating capital expenditure.


JLL supported the clients in identifying the risks associated with operations and advised solutions enhancing the safety of both man and machinery. The client was happy with the extensive reporting that categorised all hazards and prioritised tasks. They also had a maintenance expenditure planning for each site and a comprehensive plan for the overall portfolio.

The thorough work helped the client extend the life of their electrical and mechanical equipment while ensuring safety and cost savings in the long term.