Enhance the value
of your assets

The time to review, enhance and increase the value of your real estate assets is now.

Over US$40 billion in value is locked up in aging and under-utilised properties across Asia Pacific.

The real estate world has changed. Landlords are experiencing rising vacancy rates and decreasing rental rates as user behaviours and preferences evolve faster than ever before. At the extreme, older buildings that fail to meet expectations of the modern tenant risk asset obsolescence.

Now's the time for Investors to deploy capital into upgrading and repositioning existing assets.

We want to help you improve the performance of your assets, reduce operating costs and ultimately increase revenue. Read on or contact us to find out how you can unlock value in real estate.

Asset Enhancement Services

  • Enhancing human and user experience
  • Optimizing building efficiency
  • Sustainability and wellness
  • Project and construction management
  • Design & build services
  • Mobile engineering services
  • Scheduled maintenance services

Advisory Services

  • Technical due diligence
  • Asset evaluation and enhancement
  • Upgrade phasing and options
  • CAPEX advisory
  • Cost planning
  • REIT portfolio advisory services

Smart Buildings

  • Tech-enabled solutions
  • Operational efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Digitalization and automation
  • Security and Accessibility
  • Command centre

Environment & Sustainability Solutions

  • Carbon footprints assessment
  • Zero discharge buildings
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Green building certification (LEED, IGBC)
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Why should you enhance your aging assets?

Over 50% of real estate in Asia Pacific is now over 20 years old. These buildings were designed to standards that have now become outdated, resulting in a mismatch between new tenant needs and current layouts.

How can we help?

Schedule a consultation with a specialist. Talk to us about your next move.

How can this service help you? 

Increase income

We can help you breathe new life into a mall or create an office that employees want to return to. Our data-led approach will help you define the optimal building upgrade strategy to retain tenants and identify additional revenue opportunities.

Identify cost savings and efficiencies

We have deep market knowledge and access to data insights to perform a gap analysis and implement the right solution. This might range from appropriate design and product selection, to technology and automation products.

Futureproof your assets

We have partnered with a number of clients to help them bridge the gap between intent and action for their Sustainability goals. Our expertise in property technology can help you determine and identify the right solution to attract and retain tenants.

Uniquely positioned to deliver

Our solution is unique for three reasons

A deep understanding of future demand

We have a team of 480+ global specialists in cross-market dynamics producing unique insights into current and future real estate trends. Our strategies are user-centric, geographically relevant and futureproofed.

Powerful analytics to determine the way foward

We have harnessed an unprecedented amount of data, built upon over 5.4B sqft of managed space, to create a powerful analytics tool that helps you perform precise gap analysis and upside projections.

Seamless execution and management

We are committed to bringing your vision to life. Work through one point of contact for your implementation and asset management needs.

Get in touch.

Learn more about how we can help you unlock value from your aging or underperforming assets, and help you stay ahead of competition.

Aditya Desai
Executive Director, Head – Investor Sector Services Head – PDS Sales, India & Srilanka
Tushar Vashist
Lead - Business Solutions (Commercial & Retail), Property and Asset Management, India
Rahul Arora
Regional Managing Director, Karnataka and Kerala, Head of Office Leasing Advisory and Retail Services, India