Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for real estate

As COVID-19 impacts communities around the world, we want to help you navigate its implications for your workplace, your asset(s) and the global real estate markets.


Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020

India shows solid improvement on the index which covers 99 countries and territories and 163 cities globally. It is a unique benchmark of real estate transparency and a guide for companies operating foreign markets.

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Great Places of Manufacturing in India

Why is manufacturing in India a great proposition? What is the India Advantage? Where should you be in India to ride its growth story?

JLL CEO Christian Ulbrich talks to CNN about re-entry strategies

Watch Christian’s discussion with CNN International about re-entry strategies for companies around the globe.

Ambitions achieved


While at B-school, I saw banks and IT companies pouring in and my peers jumping with job offers in their hands. I’m glad I visualised myself outside of the crowd and waited for the right opportunity to come by. And it did! I knew Real Estate will be the new horizon, and when JLL came in, I saw sunshine!

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