Employee story

“JLL leaders genuinely engage with every employee.”

For Mansi Sharma, Senior Analyst in HR, inspiring leadership and learning opportunities helps employee growth.

How would you describe the work environment at JLL Business Services (JBS)?

One of the most remarkable aspects of JBS is the connectivity leaders have with everyone in the organization. They genuinely engage with every employee, beyond their managers and direct reports, creating an inclusive environment where people can easily interact with their seniors. This is motivating and encouraging, as our leaders always inspire us to generate new ideas, think innovatively, and embrace agility in work.

What kind of learning opportunities do you get?

JBS provides LinkedIn Learning to all employees, offering access to a wide array of learning resources. This is an incredible opportunity for personal and professional development, as we can choose courses that align with our career goals. Moreover, JLL values internal talent mobility, enabling employees to explore and apply for various roles that match their skill sets and aspirations. Managers fully support such moves, and successful progression is based on navigating the interview and hiring processes.

How has your growth journey been at JBS?

The organization has been immensely supportive of my growth, both in terms of career advancement and professional development. It has been an exhilarating experience working at JBS, and I feel a great sense of pride being part of the JLL family.

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“JLL leaders genuinely engage with every employee, creating an inspiring environment.”

Mansi Sharma, Senior Analyst, HR

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