Employee story

“JLL Business Services is my passion and my comfort zone.”

JLL’s opportunities, support and inclusive culture help Purnima Punetha grow professionally and personally.

How has your journey been at JBS?

I started my journey at JBS as an analyst, and within a year, I got the opportunity to work on a project that took me to Singapore. This experience opened doors to multiple options for me to grow professionally and personally. 

How has JBS supported your career development?

JBS has helped me in my professional growth at every step of my career so far. The leadership showed confidence in my abilities by providing me with challenging projects and empowering me to handle them independently. These opportunities not only allowed me to upgrade my technical expertise but also helped me improve my interpersonal and people management skills. 

What stands out about the work culture at JBS?

We have an open-minded and inclusive work culture where our seniors encourage us to share innovative ideas. These ideas are acknowledged and sometimes rewarded, which boosts the employee’s confidence and makes one feel valued. Such opportunities have empowered me so much that I feel confident presenting my ideas to anyone – my managers, seniors or stakeholders.

How does JBS help you maintain a work-life balance?

Working here, I have never faced a work-life imbalance. We have a friendly and supportive atmosphere here that helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance. Personally, I believe in leaving work at the office and also engaging in sports, which is also my hobby, to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Interestingly, the office provides this facility for employees to unwind.

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“JBS is my passion and my comfort zone.”

Purnima Punetha, Finance Specialist

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