Employee story

“My team has been my biggest support at JLL Business Services.”

An inclusive environment and nurturing culture welcomed Vishal Soman, HR Direct Analyst, to JBS.

Vishal came to Delhi in pursuit of building a career and joined JLL Business Services (JBS) in 2021. He is an HR Analyst within the HR Direct team, handling the onboarding and offboarding of all JLL employees in the APAC region. His team manages the entire life cycle of an employee's journey, including hiring, transfers, promotions, data changes, and other job transactions.

What do you value most about the workplace culture here?

We have a dedicated diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) team, which works with each and every employee who needs support, attention and care. The inclusive environment of JBS and the HR team welcomed and accepted me with open arms, making my career journey comfortable and enjoyable. I am a gay man, to which JBS has been very welcoming, and so has my team. 

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here? 

As my biggest strength and support, my team was so inclusive that they never let me feel I belonged to a particular community. During the pride month in June, my team surprised me by bringing a hamper full of gifts. It was an overwhelming and heartwarming experience for me as we celebrated the whole month together as one family. I felt so welcomed and valued as a colleague!

How has JBS helped you grow professionally? 

In JBS, every day, there is a new learning. The work culture here is so wonderful that it makes it a place to grow and learn new things. I have had the chance to learn about new software and technologies and expand my horizons, growing professionally and personally. 

Why, in your opinion, should one join JBS?

It’s a place you can call your second home where you can freely be yourself and flourish. Look at me — I am always looking forward to exploring further and contributing to the HR Direct team.

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“My team has been my biggest support at JLL Business Services.”

Vishal Soman, Analyst, HR

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