Employee story

“The collaborative culture at JBS enables individuals to thrive.”

For Design Operations Lead, Tarun Kumar, JLL Business Services’ culture of teamwork, growth prospects and continuous leadership support make it a nurturing environment for everyone.

How have you grown within JLL Business Services? 

During my six years at JBS, I have experienced significant personal and professional growth. Starting as a manager, I progressed to senior manager and now hold the position of operations lead, overseeing a team of 39 designers. This growth can be attributed to the guidance and support of my seniors, as well as the opportunities they have provided. Of course, my own hard work and dedication also played a crucial role.

How do you and your team contribute to JBS?

We work on a wide range of projects ― from social media posts to creating videos for our requesters globally. One notable project we handled was an internal branding initiative where we transformed the office environment by creatively decorating the cafeteria with mural art. The collaborative nature of our work and the innovative culture at JBS provides an incredible platform to drive such initiatives.

How would you rate JBS for young aspirants?

The growth opportunities and exposure I have experienced at JBS have been exceptional. I can confidently say that this is the best place to start a career and nurture personal and professional growth. The blend of the meaningful work we do and the supportive culture we get here creates an environment that lays the foundation for anyone to thrive and succeed.

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“The collaborative culture at JBS enables individuals to thrive.”

Tarun Kumar, Design Operations Lead

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