Employee story

“Incredible work culture and learning experience make JBS a great place to work.”

Minaxi Minaxi, Manager of Inter-Company Process, unleashes her potential through autonomy and boundless growth prospects.

A qualified chartered accountant, Minaxi is a Manager within Inter-Company Process at JLL Business Services (JBS). She joined JBS as an individual contributor but was soon elevated to the managerial level, shouldering the responsibility of heading a small team. Minaxi and her team collaborate with multiple professionals across locations, handling various aspects of business transactions between JLL and other companies.

What do you think has helped you grow in your role?

The best part of working at JBS is that leadership here does not micro-manage anyone. Instead, they empower everyone to take ownership of work and grant freedom to make their own decisions, helping everyone to thrive.

What growth opportunities do you see in the organization?

The organization has ample room for growth. We have a program to explore internal job opportunities within JLL, and everyone gets an equal chance to apply. Also, we have a strong DEI program that promotes equity and ensures that all employees feel they belong and are included. I myself have been given equal opportunities to grow in any field as any of my male colleagues would have.

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What’s your advice to job candidates?

JBS is a great place to work. Once you are here, it feels like a second home because of its work culture and excellent learning experience. Just stay focused, and you will see your career soar.

“Incredible work culture and learning experience make JBS a great place to work”

Minaxi Minaxi, Manager, Inter-Company Process

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