Employee story

“You feel empowered, and you feel valued at JBS.”

For Pritha Chatterjee, Assistant Manager – Accounts Payable, safety, work-life balance and professional advancement at JLL Business Services are an absolute career base.

How can one grow within JLL Business Services (JBS)?

At JBS, all employees are given equal growth opportunities. We have regular one-on-one meetings at all levels, creating a transparent and open space for dialogue. These conversations are positive, empowering the employees and ensuring they feel valued — an essential aspect of professional development and personal satisfaction.

What do you think about leadership opportunities for women within JBS?

JBS values and promotes women's leadership within the organization. Within my own team, I have the privilege of reporting to a strong female manager. She exemplifies effective leadership and knows how to guide us towards our collective goals while fostering individual career growth.

As a woman working an overnight shift, how does JBS ensure your safety?

As we handle US clients in their time zone, which for India is 5:30 pm to 2:30 am, safety concerns for working odd shifts are understandable. However, JBS places a high emphasis on women's safety. The company ensures a security guard escorts the last drop female employees to their homes. Not only that, but the administration also follows up with a phone call to confirm the female employees’ safety once they reach home, providing a constant sense of support and protection.

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“You feel empowered, and you feel valued at JBS.”

Pritha Chatterjee, Assistant Manager – Accounts Payable

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