Employee story

“Every day comes with new challenges and fresh opportunities.”

Growth, belongingness and opportunities help Priyanka Arora, Manager – General Accounting, thrive at JLL Business Services.

General Accounting Manager Priyanka Arora had always dreamed of building a successful career in the finance and accounting domain. When she joined JLL Business Services (JBS) as an Assistant Manager, she saw an opportunity to make her dreams come true. Ever since, JLL Business Services has become her second home.

What’s the key highlight of your role?

We handle end-to-end accounting services in a finance and account domain for JLL – from accounts payable and accounts receivable to vendor payments, billing and more.

What aspects of your job do you find most satisfying?

It has been an incredible journey at JBS so far. Each day brings new challenges and fresh opportunities here. I got my first promotion within a year and a half of joining.
Over the years, JBS has introduced various learning platforms to nurture talent. It has helped me grow professionally and personally, as I could expand my technical skills and improve my interpersonal abilities using these platforms. I am now confident enough to express my thoughts and ideas in front of anyone, regardless of their position. Moreover, JBS has a supportive environment, and I can say that I got this confidence from my first manager at JBS.

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What do you value most about the workplace culture here?

The work atmosphere here is truly remarkable – the culture, variety of work and work-life balance. The employees are valued, encouraged and motivated, and most importantly, everyone gets a strong sense of belonging. It’s like my second home where I find comfort, as work here is never a burden. Living with my other half and mother, I have never felt the pressure of work reflecting on my family.

How has JBS contributed to your growth?

My journey with JBS has been rewarding and has given me a transformational experience. I have grown as a human being, as a professional and as a leader. I have developed new skills, become more confident, and gained a deeper understanding of my role in the company. The experience has shaped me into a better-rounded individual.
As much as I am grateful for the support and experience I have gained thus far, I am excited to continue growing and achieving further success with JBS.

“Every day comes with new challenges and fresh opportunities”

Priyanka Arora, Manager, General Accounting

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